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Eliminating TiO2

Consumers are increasingly concerned about potential health issues involving titanium dioxide (TiO2) which is widely used as both an additive to prevent UV light from penetrating food and as a color enhancer to make foods appear whiter. It is consumed by millions of consumers every day across a range of popular products, including sweets, candies, gum, and baked goods.

Innophos has solved this industry challenge with a new solution which provides the whiteness and refractory properties of TiO2 while also adding calcium fortification.

Songwei Wu presents "Solutions to Replace Titanium Dioxide (Ti02)"

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Our Value Proposition

For Manufacturers

  • Decreases regulatory risk and protects brand
  • Reduces spoilage in UV sensitive products
  • Improves flowability and handling

For Consumers

  • Ensures brighter, more appealing products
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Fortifies with calcium
  • Extends shelf life