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LEVAIR® Stabilize

When it comes to baked goods, producing a consistent, quality product is the name of the game. Consumers want the baked goods they seek out to provide the same texture, taste, and sensorial experience each and every time and batter consistency is the key to this.

Innophos has created a new solution to aid manufacturers in developing more consistent batter with LEVAIR® Stabilize. Our latest innovative leavening technology is proven to enhance batter flow consistency resulting in higher cake volume.

Through lab testing, we have shown that batter formulated with LEVAIR® Stabilize is much more temperature and time tolerant than a control, producing 42% greater batter consistency than the control in the process*. This baking stabilizer technology not only produces a more consistent product for formulators, but also reduces batter waste in the process, especially in food service applications.

*Measured based on variability using Bostwick test

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Improve Batter Stability with LEVAIR®

Our Value Proposition

For Bakeries

  • Reduces batter waste
  • Improves batter tolerance to environmental conditions
  • Enhances batter flow consistency

For Consumers

  • Consistent high-quality product
  • Higher volume and better texture
  • More indulgent experience