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Aluminum Phosphates

Aluminum phosphates are used as an ingredient in various industries, particularly bakery and dairy, as well as industrial end-markets.  The versatile nature of these products allows them to be effective in a variety of applications.  Innophos offers this ingredient in two formats: Sodium Aluminum Phosphate (SALP) and Monoaluminium Phosphate (MALP).


Sodium Aluminum Phosphates (SALP) products are used in baking as a slow-reacting leavening agent to make cakes and other baked goods rise.  These phosphates can also be used in dairy foods as emulsifiers, or for buffering and pH adjustment.


For industrial uses, Monoaluminium Phosphates (MALP) are used as industrial dehydrating agents at high temperatures in ceramics and in glass as a refractory bonding agent.  MALP is also used in the metal industry for coating steel.


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