Improving Texture in Plant-Based Cheese


Consumers are seeking non-dairy plant-based substitutes to traditional cheeses to address concerns about health, environmental sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. However, they do not want to sacrifice texture, taste or appearance. Formulating high-quality cheese substitutes is challenging. Understanding the underlying mechanisms that influence protein interactions and developing strategies for improving plant-based protein functionalities is critical to formulate similar physical, chemical, and sensory attributes. Phosphate-based emulsifying salts alter protein functionalities by changing the chemical and physical properties, which can improve the hydrophobicity, solubility, dispersibility and emulsification properties. Utilizing our extensive application know-how, by modulating with emulsifying salts, we can achieve dairy alternative cheeses with desirable textural profiles while addressing consumer needs of newer alternative, healthy and sustainable food products.

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Our Value Proposition

For Manufacturers

  • Solve plant-based formulation challenges
  • Create high-quality cheese substitutes consumers are seeking

For Consumers

  • Satisfying cheese alternative
  • Healthier plant-based option
  • Sustainable and ethical product