Leavening Innovation

High-Protein Baking

LEVAIR® Fortify

Consumers are increasingly on the lookout for products that offer a healthier alternative to their favorite indulgent, sweet baked products, especially when it comes to protein. As products with added functional ingredients have increased in popularity, manufacturers are confronted with new challenges to maintain the desired product characteristics. Bakery companies need to provide protein fortification while maintaining texture and volume that consumers expect.

Innophos has solved this industry challenge with LEVAIR® Fortify, our latest innovative leavening solution.  It is proven to improve volume and texture in protein-fortified baked goods. Through lab testing, we have shown that products enhanced with common protein blends (like pea protein and dairy protein) that have included LEVAIR® Fortify in their formulation, showcased a much softer texture and greater product volume than those that did not use LEVAIR® Fortify.

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Optimize High-Protein Baked Products with LEVAIR®

Our Value Proposition

For Bakeries

  • Results in desired texture and volume
  • Reduces machinability challenges
  • Improves quality of new protein-fortified products

For Consumers

  • Tender, soft texture
  • Higher protein
  • More indulgent experience