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Chelamax® Chelated Minerals Demonstrate Higher Absorption

Innophos continues to advance research on chelation and its distinct benefits. In this latest webinar, Dr. Bob Finn presents results from our new in vitro digestion studies which show significantly higher absorption of Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate versus traditional zinc sources. Learn how Chelamax® chelated minerals can offer differentiated performance and demonstrated efficacy and quality.

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Zinc Bisglycinate for Immune Health: A Superior Alternative to Traditional Zinc Webinar

The growth of mineral supplements continues to skyrocket, especially zinc because of its immune support. But are all minerals equally effective? Dr. Bob Finn discusses the characterization of chelated minerals, the importance of bioavailability for absorption, and how chelation can enhance dissolution of a mineral. Sharing his recent study comparing zinc bisglycinate to zinc oxide, Dr. Finn shows the significant advantages of the chelated zinc bisglycinate.

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Dr. Bob Finn presents "Understanding Chelated Minerals"

Not all minerals are created equal. In this presentation, Dr. Bob Finn discusses the characterization of chelated minerals and how they offer multiple functional advantages over non-chelated minerals. Learn to distinguish the differences between various minerals and understand the quality of the products you are buying. Dr. Finn explains the methods used to prove chelation and why a trusted source is so important.

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