Leavening Innovation

Shelf Life Extension


Bakeries and retailers are on a never-ending search to extend shelf life of baked products, reduce product spoilage, and maintain full displays. As bakeries have worked to solve the challenge of prolonging product life, many have faced the trade-off between maximizing product shelf life and maintaining product quality and texture. 

Innophos has solved this long-standing industry challenge with LEVAIR® Extended Shelf Life (ESL), our latest innovative, patent pending leavening solution. LEVAIR® ESL is proven to reduce stales by extending shelf life, all while maintaining volume and texture to ensure consistent taste and quality with less chemical preservatives.


Our Value Proposition

For Bakeries

  • Reduce stales
  • Expand distribution opportunities
  • Ensure consistent taste and quality with less chemical preservatives
  • Increase production runs to build inventory
  • ESG benefits: Reduce waste, improve operational efficiency

For Retailers

  • Reduce shrink due to product expiration
  • Maintain full displays and reduce “out of stocks”
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Enable “Direct to Consumer”

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