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LEVAIR® Select

Consistency is king for bakers but regulatory requirements can have a major effect on the core ingredients that go into baked products. Sometimes, replacing vital ingredients is easier said than done and can cause significant formulation changes in order to avoid product inconsistencies.

Innophos has solved for this challenge by creating a new non-aluminum based leavening solution to aid bakers seeking to comply with regulatory requirements caused by reduced aluminum levels in food. LEVAIR® Select is a non-aluminum based alternative that performs similarly to SALP, showcasing similar resilient crumb structure and bench tolerance while offering added benefits like reduced sodium.
Through lab testing, we have shown that batter formulated with LEVAIR® Select produces a similar dough rate of reaction to traditional SALP while offering added calcium and reduced sodium. This solution not only provides a solution to today’s regulatory hurdles, but offers a versatile solution that provides value-added benefits to products.



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Our Value Proposition

For Bakeries

  • Provides alternative product to SALP
  • Supports bench, floor & line tolerance
  • Provides similar resilient crumb structure to SALP

For Consumers

  • Offers non-aluminum based product*
  • Less sodium, more calcium than SALP
  • Ensures tender, soft texture in baked goods

*May contain naturally occurring traces of aluminum.