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Our experienced food technologists create innovative leavening solutions to help meet all your formulation needs. Additionally, we offer healthy, functional, and timesaving solutions for reduced-sodium, aluminum-free, and calcium-fortified applications.

Why Use Our Ingredients

Leavening Agent

  • Create controlled volume
  • Customize rate of reaction
  • Ensure consistency in your bakery product
  • Reduce other tenderizers, such as fat and sugar

Texture Modification

  • Impact batter viscosity
  • Use as dough conditioner
  • Improve crumb structure and appearance
  • Achieve desired texture in all bakery applications

Mineral Fortification

  • Enhance nutritional value of baked goods
  • Improve label content to meet consumer trends

Sodium Reduction

  • Reduce sodium inherent in leavening system
  • Provide phosphate functionality with low or no sodium

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