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As consumers become more educated about their health and proactively manage their wellness regimens, dietary supplements have become a mainstay in their lives. Consumers expect superior products that deliver real benefits to promote their healthy lifestyles. Consistent with our commitment to quality, we have pioneered an industry-leading testing process to verify the consistency and full chelation of our Chelamax® mineral products to ensure maximum bioavailability, stability, and digestibility.

Our select portfolio includes chelated minerals, clinically-backed brands, specialty phosphates, and multifunctional excipients to enhance your formulations. Our specialty functional ingredients provide the health benefits and nutritional fortification that consumers in this fast-growing and evolving market demand.

Why Use Our Dietary Supplement Ingredients

Provide Health Benefits

  • Contributes to cognitive health*

  • Contributes to cardiovascular health*

  • Contributes to digestive health*

  • Contributes to immune health*


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