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As consumers become more educated about their health and proactively manage their wellness regimens, dietary supplements have become a mainstay in their lives. Consumers expect superior products that deliver real benefits to promote their healthy lifestyles. Consistent with our commitment to quality, we have pioneered an industry-leading testing process to verify the consistency and full chelation of our Chelamax® mineral products to ensure maximum bioavailability, stability, and digestibility.

Our select portfolio includes clinically-backed brands, multifunctional excipients, proteins and amino acids, botanical extracts, and more to enhance your formulations. Our specialty functional ingredients provide the health benefits and nutritional fortification that consumers in this fast-growing and evolving market demand.

Why Use Our Dietary Supplement Ingredients

Provide Health Benefits

  • Contributes to cognitive health

  • Contributes to cardiovascular health

  • Contributes to digestive health

  • Contributes to immune health


Provide Nutritional Fortification

  • Ensure a balanced diet
  • Remedy nutritional gaps
  • Address specific nutritional deficiencies

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