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Reducing Sodium

Consumers globally are seeking low-sodium or reduced-sodium options in their foods as they become more aware of the impact of sodium on their cardiovascular health. Additionally, in many regions, governments and health organizations are launching initiatives to help educate consumers and reduce sodium in their daily diets. The combination of both of these market drivers has led to many food and beverage manufacturers proactively updating product formulas in order to comply with this new guidance and consumer sentiment.

Innophos has solved this industry challenge with solutions to reduce sodium in Meat and Bakery products.

Reducing Sodium in Meat:  Curavis® So-Lo 93 Specialty Blend is an an ingredient to help manufacturers reduce sodium in processed meats while achieving peak flavor, yield, and texture.

Reducing Sodium in Bakery:  Cal-Rise® CAPP and MCPA (Food) is an ingredient to help manufacturers reduce sodium in bakery products while increasing calcium and maintaining a similar texture and appearance.

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