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Chelamax® Chelated Minerals Show Increased Absorption

Our latest whitepaper compares the solubility and absorption of Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate vs. zinc oxide.
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Our new video details the benefits of Chelamax® chelated minerals and how they deliver increased bioavailability for maximum absorption.
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Cheese Substitutes Whitepaper

Achieve dairy alternative cheeses with desirable textural profiles while addressing consumer needs of plant-based, healthier and more sustainable food products.
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Research, data, and insights are entrenched into our organization’s culture and decision-making processes. Our in-depth understanding of your needs coupled with our industry-leading science and technology enable us to deliver specialty phosphates, chelated minerals and nutrition solutions that are vital to the performance of your products.

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At Innophos, we value and nurture our connections with all people – our employees, our customers, our investors, and our community. We prioritize safety in everything we do and in the products we make. We understand the importance of diversity and inclusion, and believe that trust and respect create the foundation for enduring partnerships.


Our versatile portfolio of phosphates and nutrition ingredients includes products for the food, beverage, health, nutrition, and industrial markets. To serve each one of these industries, we build diverse teams that keep their fingers on the pulse of rapidly changing trends and constantly evolving markets. It is because of these differences that we power greater creativity and productivity, thus driving innovative solutions that improve quality of life.

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Innophos partners with world-leading health & nutrition, food & beverage, and industrial brands to create science-based solutions that improve quality of life. Learn about our applications, branded products, manufacturing capabilities, quality standards and more!

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Our third research paper is part of an ongoing series focused on the benefits of chelated minerals. The new whitepaper presents data from in vitro digestion studies that show the absorption advantage of Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate vs. zinc oxide.
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Our new Chelamax® video presents scientific data proving the benefits of chelation in an easy-to-understand format. This exciting research allows Innophos to scientifically confirm the quality and full chelation of minerals and to measure the benefits of chelated vs. non chelated minerals.
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The Chelamax® Technical Application Guide is designed to help dietary supplement formulators and manufacturers learn about the Chelamax® industry-leading proprietary 3-step verification process to confirm full chelation.
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