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INNOVALT® means innovation in asphalt modification solutions.  Our INNOVALT® product line includes a wide range of technologies designed to improve safety and performance in asphalt. INNOVALT® Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) enhances the performance of asphalt binder for more durable, longer lasting pavement.  Our patented INNOVALT® Scavenger, a PPA compatible product, prevents H2S from forming to create a safer work environment, lessening the wear and tear on equipment, and ensuring the safety of the entire asphalt process.


INNOVALT® PPA + Scavenger: Safely Improving Asphalt Performance

We all know there are challenges in working with asphalt, namely hydrogen sulfide, or H2S. In this video, we will demonstrate the advantages of INNOVALT PPA, and how to eliminate H2S during the modification process by utilizing our newly patented INNOVALT Scavenger. By using INNOVALT PPA and INNOVALT Scavenger together, you can safely enhance the performance of your asphalt.

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