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Zinc is an essential mineral that serves numerous vital roles in the human body with several potential health benefits, including immune support and metabolic function.*

Dietary supplement manufacturers utilize chelated minerals because of their superior bioavailability. As part of the Chelamax® mineral portfolio, we have applied our 3-Step verification process to our Chelamax® Zinc Bisglycinate, Zinc Citrate and Zinc Picolinate products to prove mineral chelation for our customers.

Due to its solubility and pH level, Chelamax® Zinc Bisglycinate is best suited to applications like gummies, soft gels and beverages and is a superior alternative to traditional zinc such as zinc oxide, while Chelamax® Zinc Citrate is a top choice for tablet and capsule applications.

To find the right chelated zinc product for your application, download our Technical Application Guide.

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Chelamax® Zinc Bisglycinate

A Superior Alternative to Zinc Oxide

Zinc Bisglycinate for Immune Health: A Superior Alternative to Traditional Zinc Webinar

The growth of mineral supplements continues to skyrocket, especially zinc because of its immune support. But are all minerals equally effective? Dr. Bob Finn discusses the characterization of chelated minerals, the importance of bioavailability for absorption, and how chelation can enhance dissolution of a mineral. Sharing his recent study comparing zinc bisglycinate to zinc oxide, Dr. Finn shows the significant advantages of the chelated zinc bisglycinate.

Chelamax® Technical Application Guide

Our new multi-page guide provides physical and chemical properties of some of our most popular chelated minerals, a product Application Selector and more.
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