Improving Texture in Plant-Based Proteins

Plant-based protein is a recent breakout food and beverage trend which is here to stay. Millennials and even younger consumers choose plant-based proteins because of their focus on sustainability, health and wellbeing, and newness of the products they eat. Older consumers, many of whom are interested in healthy aging, want products with enhanced protein to cope with the muscle-related challenges of getting older. The quest for dairy-free and soy-free products also is driving the rise in alternative sources of protein such as pea, pulse, nut and seed, quinoa, rice, hemp, potato, and oat proteins, among others.

Many food and beverage companies are using plant-based ingredients as the key component of their new product development but they are finding unique challenges in formulating with these ingredients, With decades of expertise in optimizing texture, appearance, and moisture content, we can help you solve some of the biggest challenges of formulating with plant-based proteins.  The unparalleled depth and breadth of our phosphate portfolio allow us to offer customizable solutions to meet your specific needs including BP Pyro® Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate and Textur-Melt® LM89 Specialty Blend.

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