Food & Beverage

Meat, Seafood, & Poultry

Our solutions allow food processors to develop healthier, tastier, and more convenient products while simultaneously reducing costs. From retaining moisture and reducing sodium, to achieving peak flavor and texture, our ingredients offer multiple benefits for both you and consumers.

Why Use Our Ingredients

Texture Modification

  • Improve freeze-thaw stability
  • Increase cook yield by improving water holding capacity
  • Improve product quality, such as muscle-muscle binding in ham, emulsification in sausage, and texture in nuggets

Flavor Enhancement

  • Reduce rancidity of finished product
  • Achieve peak flavor through improved solubility

Mineral Chelation

  • Stabilize fat and color by being an antioxidant synergist
  • Maintain product conformity by controlling metal ions in water

pH and Buffering

  • Minimize fluctuations in pH

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