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Our calcium phosphate and multifunctional excipients deliver superior dissolution, binding, compressibility, and texture while adding calcium and phosphorous minerals to your products. Our pharmaceutical excipients improve tablet integrity, simplify formulations, reduce pill size, and increase process efficiency in the manufacturing of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Visit our Customer Center to learn more about our A-Tab®, Di-Tab®, Tri-Tab®, and Calipharm® excipient lines.

We have been awarded an EXCiPACT GMP Certificate from SGS. Our Chicago Heights plant manufactures calcium phosphates for pharmaceutical excipients and meets EXCiPACT's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

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Why Use Our Pharma Ingredients

Optimize Tablet Performance

  • Enhance compressibility
  • Achieve harder tablets

Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce tablet size
  • Improve flow in manufacturing
  • Deliver calcium and phosphorus with one excipient

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