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Actif-8® Sodium Aluminum Phosphate (Food)
Ideal for self-rising flour, self-rising corn meal mixes, pancake flour, prepared mixes, and other baking preparations.
LEVAIR® Sodium Aluminum Phosphate (Food)
LEVAIR® SALP is a slow, heat reactive leavening acid for baked goods, baking powders, prepared institutional and retail mixes. Used with yeast in frozen dough.
LEVAIR® Select (Food)
Produces a similar dough rate of reaction to traditional SALP while offering added calcium and reduced sodium
Regal Bake™ Specialty Blend (Food)
Used to replace SALP in bakery formulations and delivers controlled release, targeted volume, uniform cell structure and clean flavor
Kasal™ Sodium Aluminum Phosphate (Food)
Emulsifying salt for process cheese and imitation cheese
BL-60® Sodium Aluminum Phosphate (Food)
Leavening acid for baking powders and in prepared institutional and retail cake, cookie, muffin and pancake mixes.
LEVAIR® Fortify (Food)
An innovative leavening solution that improves volume and texture in high-protein baked goods.
LEVAIR® Stabilize for Cakes ST01 (Food)
An innovative leavening system to increase batter stability for commercial cake manufacturers.
LEVAIR® Stabilize for Pancakes ST02 (Food)
An innovative leavening system to increase batter stability for griddle type products, such as pancakes and waffles.
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