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Innophos Adds New Solution To Growing LEVAIR® Bakery Product Portfolio

CRANBURY, NJ – April 25, 2023 – Innophos, a global leader in leavening agents for the bakery industry, today announced the release of its latest product addition to the LEVAIR® baking portfolio, LEVAIR® Select, a non-aluminum based* alternative to traditional sodium aluminum phosphate (SALP). LEVAIR® Select provides bakers with a calcium-based product to meet the preferences of consumers and retailers seeking cleaner labels.  

In addition to LEVAIR® Select, the LEVAIR® portfolio includes:

  • LEVAIR® Classic SALP – Provides slow, consistent heat-reactive leavening
  • LEVAIR® ESL – Reduces stales by extending  shelf life while maintaining volume and texture with less chemical preservatives 
  • LEVAIR® Stabilize – Reduces waste while improving batter stability
  • LEVAIR® Fortify – Improves volume and texture in high-protein baking

“We are excited to bring these new technology-based solutions to the bakery industry that build upon our well-known LEVAIR® brand and Innophos’ many years of baking experience. Our recent additions to the LEVAIR® family of baking solutions demonstrate our commitment to solving the bakery industry’s biggest challenges,” said Sherry Duff, SVP of Marketing and Technology.

*May contain naturally occurring traces of aluminum.

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