Batter or Breading for Chicken Fingers
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Meat+Poultry: Adding a layer of appeal

The right breading or batter can literally make or break a protein. Such coatings must be designed to adhere to the protein – animal or plant – during manufacturing, distribution, preparation and plating, as well as keep the protein matrix contained.

These coatings serve several additional functions, including protecting what’s inside from drying out and absorbing too much oil during frying. They contribute color, flavor and texture, and should form a tasty crust, with the degree of crunch and flavor profile dependent on the breading or batter. In some instances, they boost total protein content and contribute fiber. They also provide a form of familiarity in this complex protein world, inviting curious consumers to try new concepts.

Contributing to the article, Amr Shaheed, Innophos technical service manager of food applications, talks about developing new batter systems including as high-adhesion batters that control the pickup of breading while reducing crumb fall-off and preventing surface voids.

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Batter or Breading for Chicken Fingers
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