Sodium Reduction in Meat and Poultry Products - Sandwich using lunch meat
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MEAT+POULTRY talks with Innophos about Sodium Reduction Solutions

Recently, the SALTS (sodium alternatives and long-term solution) survey was conducted across seven global markets in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific to understand consumers’ attitudes towards sodium and identify opportunities to develop partnerships and tools to reduce sodium consumption overall.

According to the SALTS survey, 64% of consumers know that eating too much sodium is bad for their health, yet only 37% pay attention to how much sodium they consume. That leaves food manufacturers to find innovative ways to reduce sodium in products.

Sodium in foods comes from multiple sources, including phosphate ingredients used in batters, breading, brines and marinades,” said Amr Shaheed, technical service manager-food applications, Innophos, Cranbury, NJ. “Careful selection of sodium-free or low-sodium phosphates is an effective way to reduce sodium content without a negative impact on flavor or texture.”

He suggested using a calcium-based leavening agent instead of one containing sodium in breading for chicken products, such as nuggets and strips. Innophos also offers a potassium phosphate blend that may replace sodium tripolyphosphate in meat marinades and poultry brines.

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Sodium Reduction in Meat and Poultry Products - Sandwich using lunch meat
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