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Innophos Releases New Data On The Benefits Of Chelated Minerals

CRANBURY, NJ – Innophos, a leading international producer of nutritional specialty ingredients and custom formulated solutions, today announced the release of its latest whitepaper that builds upon the foundational work of their previous papers. The new whitepaper presents data from in vitro digestion studies that show the absorption advantage of Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate.

Innophos' third research paper is part of an ongoing series focused on the benefits of Chelamax Increased Absorption Whitepaper. It will be presented by Dr. Robert Finn, Ph.D., Nutrition R&D Director at Innophos in an upcoming webinar on May 18th at 2:00-3:00pm EST on the SupplySide Network 365. "We are excited to share results of our latest research studying the benefits of chelation. Until now, there has been limited data that quantifies the benefits of chelation. Using an in vitro digestion model, we were able to mimic the gastrointestinal system to gain a complete view of solubility and absorption. Results quantify the magnitude of improved solubility and absorption, showcasing the concentration of chelated zinc absorbed under intestinal conditions, which was ten-fold higher than the concentration of zinc oxide."

Key findings include:

  • Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate tablets are 10 times more bioaccessible in the stomach and five times more bioaccessible in intestinal conditions than zinc oxide.
  • Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate has an absorption rate that is 10 times greater than zinc oxide.
  • An in vitro digestion model suggests superior bioavailability of Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate over zinc oxide.

In this latest whitepaper, 'Chelamax® Chelated Minerals Show Increased Absorption,' Innophos compares the solubility and absorption of Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate vs. zinc oxide.

Innophos is committed to providing the highest quality, science-backed products, and has raised the bar in the chelated minerals industry in terms of validation and transparency with science-backed data.

Download the complimentary Chelamax® whitepaper

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