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Innophos Creates Chelamax® Technical Application Guide

CRANBURY, NJ –  Innophos, a leading international producer of high-performance minerals for the dietary supplement industry, has added a new technical application guide to its website. The Chelamax® Technical Application Guide is designed to help dietary supplement formulators and manufacturers learn about the Chelamax® industry-leading proprietary 3-step verification process to confirm full chelation. Now manufacturers can formulate fully chelated supplements to provide greater solubility, stability and bio-accessibility than traditional calcium, magnesium and zinc.

“Today’s consumers are seeking supplements in many different formats—everything from capsules to gummies,” said Dr. Bob Finn, Nutrition R&D Director at Innophos, Inc. “We created our new technical application guide to offer our customers greater insight and understanding of chelation, how our verification process confirms chelation, and which ingredient solutions might work best within their supplement formulation.”

Research has proven that chelation improves mineral absorption, yet many minerals sold as chelated are not fully chelated. Numerous products, even those in which the word chelate is part of the ingredient name, may not be fully chelated and therefore are likely to have inferior bioavailability. Innophos offers a range of Chelamax® chelated minerals that work in various dosing forms and provide the full nutritional benefit of fully chelated minerals.

The new Chelamax® Technical Applications Guide offers insight including:

  • Physical and chemical properties of Innophos’ most popular Chelamax® minerals
  • An overview of the unique 3-step testing process to prove full chelation
  • A detailed application selector, that allows viewers to explore options such as tablets, capsules, soft gels, gummies, and dry mix beverages

"Because many formulators have difficulty verifying that their minerals are fully chelated, the Chelamax® testing process provides transparency in the industry. This allows manufacturers to be confident in their mineral formulations and provide consumers with high-performing supplements they expect from a trusted brand,” added Finn.

Download the Chelamax Technical Application Guide

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