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A Systematic Approach To Plant-Based Protein

So much of what spells success in the dietary supplement industry is what’s “new”: new ingredients, new benefits, new research, new delivery platforms. So, in such a dynamic space, how can minerals—literally as old as earth itself—ever hope to compete?

Plant proteins, for example, often bring along earthy notes and other off flavors. Even within the same protein source, there can be significant differences in flavor profiles. takes a look at plant-based protein products gaining popularity and innovating the baking industry. They talk about the challenges of using Plant-Based Proteins and how companies like Innophos are helping create the right taste and texture for customers.

Innophos was tapped for the article to talk about the role of phosphates when using plant-based proteins. Technical Services and Application development Manager, Amr Shaheed talks about how phosphates provide aeration, leavening and softness.”

Read the full article on the Baking Business website: A systematic approach to plant-based protein

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