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Innophos Studies Show Clear Advantages Of Co-Processed Multifunctional Excipients

CRANBURY, NJ – October 25, 2021 – Innophos, a leading international producer of excipients for the Pharma and Dietary Supplement industries, shares latest studies—comparing their co-processed, multifunctional excipients to conventional excipients—during a webinar titled Novel Excipients at CPhI Worldwide today. The studies show that by using A-TAB® MD, manufacturers can reduce tablet ingredients by 50%, increase tablet hardness by 50%, reduce processing time by 50%, and reduce overall weight and tablet size by over 30% when compared to the same tablet made with conventional excipients.

Innophos scientist, Vinit Nigudkar, explains, “CPMEs are a key solution for creating smaller, label-friendly tablets for consumers while simplifying formulations and improving operational challenges for manufacturers—leading to faster speed to market.” He continues, “CPMEs replace the functionality of a diluent, binder, and flow agent, and also are an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, making them a very attractive multifunctional solution for dietary supplement manufacturers.”

Innophos has highlighted these studies in their whitepaper titled “Co-Processed Multifunctional Excipients in Tableting”. Download the complimentary white paper to learn more.

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