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Innophos Announces Release of Whitepaper: “Co-Processed Multifunctional Excipients in Tableting”

CRANBURY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Innophos, a leading international producer of excipients for the Pharma and Dietary Supplement industries, today announced the release of its latest whitepaper entitled, “Co-Processed Multifunctional Excipients in Tableting.” The paper, authored by Vinit Nigudkar, a staff formulation scientist specializing in nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, focuses on the use of co-processed multifunctional excipients (CPMEs) to simplify labels, enhance compressibility, reduce tablet size, and increase manufacturing efficiency.

The whitepaper addresses:

  • What CPMEs are
  • Advantages of CPMEs
  • How CPMEs enable manufacturers to reduce ingredients
  • Why CPMEs deliver more in a smaller pill
  • How Innophos CPMEs compare to conventional excipients

“A-TAB® MD and NUTRA-TAB® CPMEs are designed to help manufacturers respond to consumer demand for smaller tablets.” says Sherry Duff, SVP, Marketing and Technology at Innophos. She goes on to explain, “interest in CPMEs continues to grow because they help reduce ingredients on the label without sacrificing efficacy as well as helping manufacturers overcome other operational and cost challenges.”

Learn how CPMEs provide solutions for creating label-friendly tablets with more active ingredients while supporting lean manufacturing and faster speed to market.

Download a complimentary copy of this whitepaper.

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Innophos is a leading international producer of specialty ingredient solutions that deliver far-reaching, versatile benefits for the food, health, nutrition and industrial markets. We leverage our expertise in the science and technology of blending and formulating phosphate, mineral, enzyme and botanical based ingredients to help our customers offer products that are tasty, healthy, nutritious and economical. Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, Innophos has manufacturing operations across the United States, in Canada, Mexico and China. For more information, please visit

Eugenia Erlij, VP of Marketing and Communications
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