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Mineral Glow-Up: The growing popularity of minerals, COVID and beyond

So much of what spells success in the dietary supplement industry is what’s “new”: new ingredients, new benefits, new research, new delivery platforms. So, in such a dynamic space, how can minerals—literally as old as earth itself—ever hope to compete?

By doing what they’ve always done—that is, by being at least as innovative, exciting, and downright essential as any of the snazzy nutritional ingredients just now hitting the scene.

Minerals have enjoyed a real renewal, attracting attention for everything from their contribution to immune and sleep support to their ability to keep our bodies in solid working order when so much else seemed to be running off the rails.

Now that life is treading carefully back into normal territory, new developments—there’s that “new” word again—in minerals promise to keep these nutrients just as fresh, and just as front-and-center, as they deserve to be.

Nutritional Outlook takes a look at how COVID-19 and the innovation of these ingredients has helped propel the market. Innophos’ Eugenia Erlij provides great insight into how technology is advancing personalized nutrition, and why formulations need to be aligned with clean-label trends to meet consumer demand.

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