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One Brain, Multiple Concerns

The cognitive health space has gone from products largely focused on age-related decline, such as memory decline, to now encompassing multiple facets of cognitive health, including mood, stress reduction, focus, and energy—all of which influence our overall daily functioning and performance. The fact is, the brain is always developing and changing, from prior to birth to old age, influenced by both internal and external factors. While some things are out of our control, such as genetics, the products we consume, the activities we pursue, and the environments we inhabit contribute significantly to our cognitive health.

Supplements can offer an elegant solution to enhancing our well-being because of their convenience and versatility. The wide range of benefits the cognitive health category now covers shows how much the market has grown and matured, targeting new consumers and niche product categories such as esports.

Nutritional Outlook takes a look at the topics of nutrition, aging and other factors that impact the brain. An Innophos’ representative talks about Chelamax products for mineral chelations and how magensium, calcium and zinc in these products contribute to cognitive health.

Read the full article on the Nutritional Outlook website: One brain, multiple concerns: The diversity of the cognitive health category

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