Superior Texture

Stabilizing Protein Beverages

Protein beverages from traditional and non-traditional sources are in high demand. Consumers want healthy beverages that look and taste great each and every time. As a result of heating within the manufacturing process, protein breaks down, leaving the beverage vulnerable to age gelation and pH shifts.

Innophos has solved this industry challenge with a versatile solution that protects the protein in its natural state and ensures stability and consistency throughout the heating process and on the shelf.

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Our Value Proposition

For Manufacturers

  • Significantly increases shelf life
  • Improves processing efficiency and decreases downtime
  • Prevents age gelation, heat coagulation and fouling
  • Stabilizes protein during high heat processing

For Consumers

  • Ensures consistent appearance, flavor and texture
  • Provides reliable way to add protein to lifestyle
  • Guarantees trust in the brand