Clean Label

Eliminating Aluminum

With rising health awareness, consumers are thoroughly checking labels before buying products, opting for clean label baked goods & snacks.  Sodium aluminum phosphate has been a critical and functional ingredient in the baking industry for over half a century.  However, some global regions have imposed regulatory limitations or restrictions on additives containing aluminum.

Innophos has solved this industry challenge with Regal Bake™ Specialty Blend, a leavening agent designed to deliver controlled release, targeted volume, uniform cell structure and clean flavor.

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Our Value Proposition

For Manufacturers

  • Replaces SALP
  • Supports bench/floor/line tolerance
  • Provides resilient crumb structure
  • Forms thin-walled air cells

For Consumers

  • Provides clean label
  • Maintains neutral flavor
  • Ensures tender, soft texture in baked goods