Clean Label

Eliminating Aluminum

With rising health awareness, consumers are thoroughly checking labels before buying products, opting for clean label baked goods and snacks.  Food producers have used sodium aluminum phosphate as a functional ingredient in the baking industry for over half a century.   However, baking manufacturers are working to comply with regulatory limitations and restrictions on additives containing aluminum in many countries.

With a special focus on tolerable weekly intake (TWI), Innophos has developed products with reduced aluminum content that comply with regulations and contribute to the ability to meet this industry challenge including:

These leavening agents are designed to deliver controlled release, targeted volume, uniform cell structure and clean flavor with a non-aluminum based leavening solution* to comply with regulatory requirements to reduce aluminum levels in food.


Discover our SALP Alternative

LEVAIR® Select produces a similar dough rate of reaction to traditional SALP while offering added calcium and reduced sodium
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Our Value Proposition

For Bakeries

  • Provides alternative product to SALP
  • Supports bench, floor & line tolerance
  • Provides similar resilient crumb structure to SALP

For Consumers

  • Offers non-aluminum based product*
  • Less sodium, more calcium than SALP
  • Ensures tender, soft texture in baked goods

*May contain naturally occurring traces of aluminum.