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High performance excipients improve production efficiency and tablet quality for direct compression and wet granulation applications.  Co-processed multifunctional excipients (CPME) can help overcome the most challenging formulation and delivery hurdles.

The global dietary supplement industry is experiencing unprecedented growth in product development. To gain a competitive edge, many supplement makers formulate with multiple ingredients, including minerals, amino acids, herbals, and vitamins in a single tablet to provide additional benefits. However, multi-ingredient formulations are more difficult for manufacturers to create, but Innophos has excipient ingredients to help overcome production challenges.

With increasing pressure to simplify labels by reducing the number of ingredients, dietary supplement manufacturers should consider CPMEs as a formulation solution.

In addition, we have been awarded an EXCiPACT GMP Certificate from SGS. Our Chicago Heights plant manufactures calcium phosphates for pharmaceutical excipients and meets EXCiPACT's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

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Learn how our Co-Processed Multifunctional Excipients simplify labels and enhance compressibility in tableting
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A-Tab® MD

Learn how A-Tab® MD enhances compressibility in pharma & nutraceutical tablets 

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Learn how Nutra-Tab® enhances compressibility in nutraceutical tablets

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Learn how Tri-Tab® enhances compressibility in pharmaceutical tablets

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