Health & Wellness


Good Health is Good Business!
Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace was one of the best decisions we could make.  To invest in Health and Wellness in the Workplace is to invest in our most valuable asset, our employees.
Health and Wellness Programs offered at Innophos
 • Annual safety celebration*
 • Biometric testing - on site
 • Community outreach programs*
 • Deductible waived for routine preventive care
 • Deposit into FSA for receiving yearly physical
 • Employee Assistance Program
 • Ergonomic analysis*
 • Fire extinguisher training*
 • Free Flu Vaccines
 • Health Club Reimbursement
 • Health Coaches
 • Health Risk Assessments
 • Massage Therapy*
 • Quarterly upper body yoga class* 
 • Rx-One co-pay for drugs obtained through mail order--on applicable drugs
 • Simply Well Program
 • Weight loss contest*
 • Wellness room set up with videos and music for doing light workouts*
 • Workshops on hearing protection*

*Site specific