Why Innophos

Why work at Innophos

Innophos was among the top 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2007! As a leading producer of specialty grade phosphate products for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Industrial market segments, we not only pride ourselves in serving our customers, but we value the contributions of our talented staff.


* Respect people - to create a positive culture for teamwork
* Rely on the contributions of our employees - to unleash a responsible, results oriented culture
* Enforce safety - to secure environmentally responsible operations
* Demand integrity - to ensure compliance in all dealings

Our achievements are a true measure of the efforts of our employees. Each and every one of our employees makes a difference. Our CEO, Kim Ann Mink, Ph.D. says it best, "It is not our products alone that make us winners. It is living up to what we believe in. It is setting the bar high and then trying hard to reach even higher."