At Innophos we pride ourselves on our reputation and our ethical business practices. It is one thing for a company to say that it delivers good service or acts as a partner with its customers but it is quite different when the customer says it themselves. Please read further to see what our customers say about Innophos.
“Innophos is my top ranked company. They’ve been the best overall combination of competitive pricing and good customer service and consistent supply as well as product quality.”
(Food, purchasing)
“Strong quality product; phosphate leadership in technology.”
(Independent Distributor, executive management)
“Innophos is very supportive to us in partnering to help grow our business.”
(National Distributor, management)
About our products…
“Good quality products. Within the last year Innophos has brought some innovation to us.”
(Pharma, purchasing)
“They have a very good, broad product line with quality productsAvailability of the product is very good.”
(National Distributor, executive management)
About our sales and technical service…
Innophos has the number one sales force.”  
(National Distributor, purchasing)
They’re very responsive to our needs and knowledgeable about the products.”
(National Distributor, management)
“Innophos has strong personnel both technically and in sales.”
(Food, executive management)
About our customer service group…
“They find the information quickly and answer our questions quickly.” (Food, purchasing)
“The customer service representative handles the complaints and concerns in a timely fashion…When things happen in an unusual manner, that's when the true colors show. I think it's a win-win situation - we're truly partners.”
(Industrial, purchasing)