Innophos became a clear winner with its pioneering VersaCAL® Clear, a highly soluble calcium phosphate for clear beverages at the Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) Excellence Awards. Health ingredients Europe (HiE) is the only global nutraceutical, functional & supplement ingredient event dedicated to showcasing the world’s most innovative ingredients 

VersaCAL® Clear claimed the first prize in the nutrition for the young and old category, the judges were impressed by the significant breakthrough VersaCAL® Clear represents for beverage industry. Industrialization completed in mid 2007

VersaCAL® Clear is a patent pending new product for Innophos, which was commercialized in 2008, and marks a significant development for the industry, enabling manufacturers to enrich their products with beneficial nutrients while ensuring optimum taste and stability in the final beverage.

Calcium and phosphorus are vital to maintain healthy teeth and bones. VersaCAL® Clear provides beverage manufacturers with an effective nutrient combination in a free-flowing odorless blend, containing 15 per cent elemental calcium and 24 per cent phosphorus.

The panel of ingredient experts applauded VersaCAL® Clear’s effective combination of calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy teeth and bones which does not compromise product taste and stability.

The judges said “We were inspired by the possibility for beverage manufactures to create products” with VersaCAL® Clear “for a target group that really matters by providing calcium and phosphorus that they need to build strong bones”

 “We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award, which validates the benefits      VersaCAL® Clear offers our customers,” comments Joseph W. Golowski, Vice President – Specialty Phosphates

Traditionally calcium fortification in clear beverages uses other calcium sources such as lactates, gluconates and citrates which can have an impact on flavour and stability in some formulations. Leveraging our technical expertise in phosphates, VersaCAL® Clear was developed to tackle this problem and provide manufacturers with a soluble source of both calcium and phosphorus which the other products cannot provide”