About Innophos

Innophos is a leading producer of specialty grade phosphate products for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Industrial market segments. Within these segments our products cover a broad range of applications including water, paper and metal treatment, agriculture, electronics, textiles, tablets, meat preservation and detergents. For example, specialty phosphates act as flavor enhancers in beverages, leavening agents in baked goods and cleaning agents in toothpaste.

With over a century of experience, Innophos and its predecessor companies have pioneered the processes whereby complex phosphates are derived from organic phosphate rock. Our products are produced to the highest standards of quality and consistency with most of our global production facilities operating to ISO 9001 and GMP accreditation. We also hold a number of key patents governing the manufacture and use of phosphates and continue to develop new and innovative phosphate based products to address specific customer applications.

Innophos Key Facts:

  • Annual revenues: $725 million (FY 2016)

  • Total assets: $643 million (FY 2016)

  • Nasdaq symbol: IPHS

  • Employs approximately 1,319 people worldwide

  • Formerly part of Rhodia, taken private by Bain Capital in 2004

  • Innophos IPO date: November 2, 2006

  • Corporate headquarters: Cranbury, New Jersey USA

  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President: Kim Ann Mink, Ph.D